Welcome to the ShibZoids, a project unlike any other. Founded and established by investors for investors on an international level!
ShibZoids was founded by a team who had great success in growing a business in real life, as well as Crypto Space and want to bring the best into NFTs.

As well as share the experience and the knowledge with the holders of ShibZoids by bringing kindness to the world.
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We have partnered with premium hotels and each holder of ShibZoids will receive a Certificate that lets you and your family stay at any 5-star hotel for free for up to 7 days (all you need to pay is the tax). Each holder will receive 1 voucher every 3 months for 1 ShibZoids NFT. If you own 3 or more ShibZoids NFTs, you can get a certificate for a free stay every month!
The founders of ShibZoids will work on the development of the second part of the RoadMap and will announce it after the first RoadMap is fully completed.
Unique designed Merch from famous WEB2 designers that will be available on our website. We will have a variety of goods that you will need for your traveling (suitcases, backpacks, t-shirts, etc).
Ukiyo Studios

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